Updated: Jun 30

Humble Me, Oh Elohim....Please

Show me what true Meekness is like for I fear I may have gotten a taste of things that were not meant for me,

My heart aches for th days that I never knew that Right or Wrong existed I just WAS,

Now every step, breathe, word, thought and action lead me to Question myself.....Did I just make a mistake?

Ahhhhhh, to be free of constant self criticism and just BE,





Take eth slow Beloved, Relax. Resc your weary heart upon the roots of this Ancient Tree.

Breathe th Ruach of Nature and feel your Essence, know that you are a Divine Creation.


Bee Still,

Vibrate to the resonance of Amma Mama and Mother Earth......

Glide on the wings that have been restored.

You are UNBROKEN, UNBOUND and Made Whole Once Again.