He Believes in Me

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Who would have thought or even fathomed that someone so small could be so BIG,

He told me "Mama, I believe in you",

Imagine th tear that came to my eye, the beat that skipped in my heart.

Imagine th pause in my mind chatter, that for ONE WHOLE SECOND gave way to stillness,

Imagine that these Divine words of encouragement created a Spark

Of Hope.

He Believes in Me?

How could someone so Special, So Amazing, So effortlessly Beautiful actually be a part of my life like this?

He LIFTS ME UP on the days where I feel I just Can't Keep G.O.I.N.G

He pats my back when we hug, He hold his hand on my chest when he rescs

He scratches my scalp ever so softly while telling me (Th Mama) to go to quicken. EL o EL

He Believes in me and I Believe in him.

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