My Vision

What I Hope to Achieve

Sophiah Anu Sol Bey firmly believes that as consumers, we have a responsibility to challenge excessive industrial production by supporting artisanal hand-made products. Our cause and products both align with this belief.



Self-Sustainable Clothing

At the end of the day, we all seek connection. Through the creation of original handmade products I support my children, build positive relationships, and lay the foundation for building new bridges between myself and others.


Visual and Physical Growth

With each hand-made garment we will that a new way of looking at clothing oneself can be formed. From th Seastar who is just learning how to dress modestly to th seasoned Elder who has a truly particular taste. We aim to please and will that each garment serves its unique purpose.


From Me To You

I believe in empowering and inspiring others simply by bringing forward my most authentic self. From my original clothing designs, products blended with 13Love to blog posts where I share my hobby of photography/poetry.