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Sensitive Nose/Skin?

No worries! We now offer options for everyone. After careful consideration, we realized that some noses and skin are just way more sensitive than others. While some may want a very strong product. Please take a moment to decide which would be best for you.


If you select light strength than you will be getting a product that is formulated using the lightest amount possible of essential oils without failing to be effective in supporting you with your needs. This is perfect for those who have very sensitive noses and/or skin. 

Please always do a patch test with our products just to be sure they are compatible with your body chemistry.


This strength is the standard. This is for those with zero sensitivities. The standard strength product will be just fine for children and babies as well. 

Extra Strength

Extra Strength formulas will come with an added amounts of essential oils. Depending on the season this can even be made with a stronger infusion of herbal oils. Please feel free to reach out and ask for what you need.