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About Sophiah Anu Sol Bey

As a child I remember my mother making so many things by hand. Clothing, Art, all types of food. Our dynasty spent a lot of time in nature as well. I always loved observing nature. I would also sit by my mother as she sewed garments for her business and used the scraps to make my own creations.

I've used my hands to create, for many years that energy went into the care of my clients hair. Upon retirement I shifted to products. My mother and I teamed up for the first time ever to make pants to sell to my community. I was so nervous using the sewing machine for the first time.

On this site, you will be able to witness my many interests. You can purchase products, hire me to make a garment or just enjoy the photography.

Either way, I am humbled and honored to share.



Tribal Slippers

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