Handmade By Sophiah

Hands of Wisdom

In this space, you will find handmade items created with 13Love and Care. Browse all original pieces available at our store today or we can collab and create that custom made garment you've been looking to acquire.

Handmade By Sophiah

About Sophiah

Growing up with a mother who handmade everything ESPECIALLY her clothing, Sophiah was bound to discover that this innate ability also existed in her.

In 2014, she opened two businesses SofyahRegalia where she sold her handmade harem pants and SofyahHolistics13 (Body Butters, Salves and Hair Rinses). SofyahRegalia was born too early and was placed back into the Womb and has now been ReBorn as 13PurityRegalia.

On this site, you will be able to witness the Growth of Sophiah's skills, purchase and INjoy her products/garments and soak in her photography/poetry(not for sale).

Tribal Slippers

Contact Sophiah

1750 16th St S 35065
St Petersburg, FL 33705

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